• Tracking and blocking of Bots and Crawlers

    The Darkvisitors plugin now supports the new tracking feature. This way you can watch crawlers and bots on your site.

    In recent days, I've noticed a surge in posts on my timeline complaining about bots and crawlers, wondering how to block them. A good opportunity to bring attention to the latest update of the Darkvisitors plugin.

    I published this small plugin a few months ago. It delivers a robots.txt that can be used for various purposes:

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  • Artificial dependency

    As I'm writing these lines, an update from iTerm just popped up. iTerm is a terminal I use on my Mac. The big announcement in the update: We've now integrated ChatGPT!

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    A few days ago, we got the news that Slack is now providing all data to OpenAI: chats, files, everything... It's creepy, and while I'm still writing plugins to block AI bots, the ground is being pulled out from under us almost everywhere.

    Will we even be able to resist in the future, ensuring that everything we enter and store digitally doesn't become a training dataset?

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  • IndieConnector and Mastodon

    The upcoming major release of the IndieConnector plugin is progressing very well. Receiving webmentions without webmention.io is already functional, and today I was able to work on the Mastodon integration.

    Previously, it was possible to automatically post new pages to Mastodon, but this happened every time you published a page if enabled. Now, you can define templates specifying when this should or should not happen. For example, you can configure the plugin so it doesn't send a post to Mastodon when you publish your privacy page, but it does when you publish a new blog post. Additionally, you can now disable posting at the page level within the panel.

    Furthermore, you can now post not only text status updates but also images.

    I'm looking forward to releasing this major update. I think it's a good one!

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  • 1,000

    This post is the thousandth post. Then again, that's a lie. But then again, it's not.

    Of course, it's a bit silly to write that this is the thousandth post. Because it's not true. There probably are many more, perhaps fewer. It's complicated.

    The reason is that many posts are no longer available, but a few can still be found in the web archive. Additionally, there’s the fact that I have an archive of the elbrauschen podcast available online here, which does not belong to this website.

    It's a mess, but that doesn't matter. As I already wrote here, I think it's good to define milestones. It's a nice way to pat yourself on the back.

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  • I'm sorry

    via Wolfgang Cramer

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