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Die Timelinezusammenfassung ist übrigens oft gegen Mittag schon fertig - für den nächsten Morgen. Alles am Nachmittag ist meist nur noch Variation und Unterfütterung, es kommt aber nichts Neues mehr dazu. Mit anderen Worten, wir könnten auch um 13 Uhr hier aufhören. Jeden Tag.

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Hallo, I am Maurice. I am living in Hamburg and I am working here as a webdeveloper. For about 15 years as a freelancer, but for some years now as a team member at konzentrik.

I started earning money as a webdeveloper in 2006. I started at the editorial offices of HÖRZU and TVDigital, where I wrote web tools for the editorial team and worked with big loads of data which later went into EPGs and the websites of those tv guides.

Even later on, most of my customers where working in the editorial space. I wrote complex tools for big teams but also smaller once for freelance bloggers.

That didn't happen by accident. I am writing on the web since the end of the 90th. That's when my first websites went online. For me, technology was always interessting because it enabled me to publish content easily and under my own terms.

Round about the years 2000/2001 I realized publishing online can really work. With my site Linux4us and later on with RadioTux 1 I/we were successfully writing about Linux and reached a big audience.

1 RadioTux is still alive and may be the oldest still active german podcast!

During all the years I ran several blogs and worked on building a print youth magazine called FREIHAFEN. I started another Podcast with Steffen in 2005 called Elbrauschen which was pretty successful, we launched it and where on 38 in the iTunes podcast charts. And even later on we were in the top 50 most of the time.

I also published articles on other website. Unfortunately most of them aren't existing anymore (who said the web never forgets?).