Hey! I am Maurice. A tech dude with enthusiasm for creative texts, podcasts and music.

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About this website

Hey, I am Maurice, I am blogger, podcaster, webdeveloper, internet eeh… thing… doer… I am writing on the web since 1998 and under this domain since about 2002.

I am interessted in a lot of topics, but my focus is somewhere in the media world between blogs, podcasts, books, the big platforms and their implications on society. As a webdeveloper always with technological point of view.

More about me here.

Open Web

You can subscribe to most of my posts published on this site via rss-feed.


My Blog is the place, where I write about anything I want to. Including topics outside of my usual range. My blog, my rules.


The Hub is I my take on a knowledge base about all the topics I care about. I write about writing, podcasting, about publishing and technology. And in addition to my texts there will be courses and tools.

The outer space

I am also floating around the platforms out there. You can find me on Mastodon and Twitter, where I share the same content. From time to time also on Instagram.