WordPress Version Check

Thousands of WordPress sites are under attack every day! Most times the owners won't even notice. They then send spam mails or spread viruses. The most important countermeasure? Always use the most recent WordPress version.

Kirby 3 Podcaster

The Kirby Podcaster plugin enables you to integrate a Podcast into your Kirby website. With just a few clicks it's set up. Or you can migrate your existing Podcast by just entering your feed url!


This plugin extends your site with comments and webmentions

Kirby 3 Rate Page

Using this kirby plugin, your visitors can give single pages a thumb up or down.

Kirby 3 Tratschtante

This plugin allows you to receive webmentions and use that data with your own plugin.

Kirby 2 Podcast Plugin

This Plugins enables you to use Kirby for podcasting. It creates an iTunes ready RSS-Feed for you. It reads your mp3-metadata to determine the length of your mp3 files.