40 Jahre Mac

The Mac is 40 now.

MidJourney Prompt: a blond blogger sitting in front of his laptop at a desk with a lot of books around him

Why I don't want to be a tech blogger

I was once a tech blogger. I wrote a lot about WordPress, and later about Kirby and other programming stuff. It was good at the time and helped many people, at least according to…

A blue bird in front of a laptop

Tweets with 10,000 chars - without Twitter Blue!

The news is making the rounds that with the Twitter Blue subscription, tweets of up to 10,000 characters can now be written. With a simple trick, it is possible to publish long…

Feedly vs. Reeder

RSS is not dead, on the contrary. I read a lot via RSS feed and I have a problem with Feedly and Reeder. Maybe someone has a solution for me?

Zwischen den Zeilen

Hallo und willkommen zwischen den Zeilen. Das hier ist das vorerst einzige, feste Format in diesem Podcast. Ich werde Folgen wie diese hier, immer mal wieder einstreuen.


Ich starte einen neuen Podcast. Er heißt "Erzählen" und ich möchte darin rausfinden, wie wir Geschichten interessanter und ein wenig um die Ecke gedacht, erzählen können.