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This post is the thousandth post. Then again, that's a lie. But then again, it's not.

Of course, it's a bit silly to write that this is the thousandth post. Because it's not true. There probably are many more, perhaps fewer. It's complicated.

The reason is that many posts are no longer available, but a few can still be found in the web archive. Additionally, there’s the fact that I have an archive of the elbrauschen podcast available online here, which does not belong to this website.

It's a mess, but that doesn't matter. As I already wrote here, I think it's good to define milestones. It's a nice way to pat yourself on the back.

In my Kirby panel, I have a line of statistics. Many of them are slightly frustrating, yet I like to keep an eye on them. One of these metrics shows the number of published posts. And as soon as I publish this post here, a 1,000 will be visible there.

The number is terribly inaccurate, but it still makes me happy. And I wonder about it. As often as I question what I want to write about here, it surprisingly seems that posts manage to go online again and again.

Still with slight hesitations with every click from Draft to Published and the certainty that the point is reached now where numerous emails and replies will arrive, which will reinforce that this is all nonsense and I should quit. I have since accepted this as an anchored character trait and, on occasion, it has also been a good filter for bad posts.

So, 1,000 of the not quite so bad and sometimes good posts are now online. I'm happy about that and will click the Publish button right away and then wonder if this self-referential post is really necessary, if it's not too much blabber. And if I can suppress the questioning for just one more minute, maybe I'll even share this post on Mastodon. Living life on the edge.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my posts. Here's to the next 1,000.

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