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40 Jahre Mac

The Mac is 40 now.

40 years ago, the first Apple Mac was released. That makes it younger than me, which I must initially protest. However, when looking through old pictures in search of used computers, I have to admit that it's all been quite a long time.

I have been using Apple computers productively since around 2006. Before that, I spent a long time with Linux, even had this Linux blog, and was part of RadioTux. I found it great that I could configure almost everything the way I wanted with Linux. The terminal was a constant companion.

At some point, I started to envy the beautiful interface of Apple more and more. I tried to replicate it in GNOME, that worked at least a little bit.

Eventually, I earned enough money to afford a Mac, and it was the first white Intel MacBook. Finally, a great user interface and still the terminal and UNIX at hand. That was the perfect mix. Also, I didn't have to always run Windows somewhere when I wanted to work with a more extensive DAW.

Since then, I've stuck with Mac, at least as a desktop computer. Linux still runs on servers or the OrangePi here.

By the way, I bought my very first Mac used during an editorial dissolution. It still had Mac OS 9 on it, and it was already outdated at the time of purchase. I didn't really use it much, but hey! I had a Mac.

It continued with the mentioned Intel MacBook, an iMac, and since then, every now and then, a new Mac Mini, which, for me, has the best price-performance ratio.

Looking at old pictures, I must say that while my setup has become larger and more modern, it fundamentally remained the same. A Mac, monitor, microphone, and somewhere there's still a MIDI keyboard lying around. Some things never change, it seems...

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