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Feedly vs. Reeder

RSS is not dead, on the contrary. I read a lot via RSS feed and I have a problem with Feedly and Reeder. Maybe someone has a solution for me?

RSS feeds are not dead, instead they are more relevant than ever in times of collapsing platforms, I read most of my articles and posts through this channel. I chose Feedly back then (which is currently a bit controversial). I was attracted by all the functions around RSS.

I use the function of subscribing to newsletters in Feedly and then presenting them as a feed very intensively, and I also used to filter and read Twitter lists, when Twitter wasn't as bad as it is now.

I also really like to use Feedly Boards. I save articles that I have already read and don't want to keep on my reading list, but that I want to save. Each board represents a specific topic. It's like my personal topic archive. It's really cool because I can also save articles I read directly on a webpage via a browser plugin, not via RSS.

Now there are still many RSS feeds that only show a short intro and then you have to go to the website to continue reading. Website owners want to move visitors to their site. As a website owner, I can understand that. As a reader, it really annoys me. I read posts through this channel because many websites make it difficult to read. Whether it's because the lines are endlessly long or for some other reason. This teasing and then having to continue reading on the website is really annoying.

That's where Reeder comes in, because it offers a workaround. A small button that I can click when I should actually continue reading on a website. Then Reeder does some magic, it goes *pling*, fairy dust and glitter are sprayed in the room, you hear a soft giggle, and I can read the entire text in Reeder. In the style of Reeder, readable. Awesome!

If I really like an article, I also like to visit the site after reading and leave a comment.

Now, all of this clashes a bit because I can't use my Feedly Boards in Reeder. I see them as tags, but I can't assign a tag to a post. I assume this is because it doesn't run through the Feedly API, but is still good old RSS. And I can't edit RSS items. So the tags are there, but readonly.

So now I have to add posts on the reading list in Reeder, then switch to Feedly and then move these posts to a board and remove them from the reading list. It's a bit annoying, but I can't think of another solution.

How do you read RSS? Do you read RSS? Do you use a service like Feedly? What reader do you use? Write me a comment or webmention, I would be happy to hear from you!

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