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Tweets with 10,000 chars - without Twitter Blue!

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The news is making the rounds that with the Twitter Blue subscription, tweets of up to 10,000 characters can now be written. With a simple trick, it is possible to publish long posts even without Twitter Blue!

Here's how:

  1. Go to or in your browser and download the latest version
  2. Find an affordable hosting package; there are even some with pre-installed WordPress
  3. Unpack the CMS zip file and upload it
  4. Click through the installation process; it only takes a few minutes for both
  5. Choose a nice theme
  6. Install plugins for webmentions and ActivityPub
  7. Post the URL of your new site on your Twitter account
  8. Log out of Twitter
  9. Start blogging

Okay, I'm sorry, but only a little bit. But let's be honest, right now, anything is probably better than getting involved in this Twitter business. If you don't have your own blog yet, now is the right time to start one. Stay away from all those posts that explain how to run a successful blog, when to post, and how a post should be structured. Just get started, write whatever you want. Write long articles or short "tweets." This is your blog, anything is possible, everything is allowed.

And then share your content with the world from there. Using old-school channels like RSS feeds, but also using ActivityPub. Comment on other blogs, have others comment on your blog, and send webmentions. Network. Make regular backups. Don't let the platforms fool you.

Yes, having your own blog costs money, but you'll probably come out cheaper than with Twitter Blue, and you'll have complete freedom. And you know what? If you want more someday, that's not a problem either. Start a podcast, an online course, a community. Do whatever you want. You have all the possibilities and hardly any limitations. This is your thing! Have fun!

What you could do now

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