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Kirby 4

Today is a day full of surprises. Not only has winter suddenly arrived, but also the big new update of Kirby.

For those who have been following Kirby's development, they were probably not entirely surprised; the first release candidates have been arriving in the past weeks - and today, Kirby 4 was officially released.

The important information first: The Podcaster, Komments, and IndieConnector plugins are already compatible with Kirby 4 and can be used without further ado. If you haven't done so already, now is the right time for an update. Unfortunately, my Pexelfield plugin still needs a few bug fixes but will also follow shortly.

Kirby 4 comes with extensive changes. I won't list them all here, as it's better to check them out directly on the release page. For end users, the visual changes in the panel are probably the most noticeable.

By the way, for those who already have a Kirby 3 license, you can use the sale that started today to get an update for K4.

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