Kirby Pexels Field

The Pexels-Image-Field got an update for Kirby 4

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Kirby 4

Today is a day full of surprises. Not only has winter suddenly arrived, but also the big new update of Kirby.

Podcaster Plugin 3

Version 3 brings a major new release of the Podcaster plugin for Kirby. With numerous new features and optimizations. An overview.

MidJourney Prompt: a blond blogger sitting in front of his laptop at a desk with a lot of books around him

Why I don't want to be a tech blogger

I was once a tech blogger. I wrote a lot about WordPress, and later about Kirby and other programming stuff. It was good at the time and helped many people, at least according to…

A blue bird in front of a laptop

Tweets with 10,000 chars - without Twitter Blue!

The news is making the rounds that with the Twitter Blue subscription, tweets of up to 10,000 characters can now be written. With a simple trick, it is possible to publish long…

Feedly vs. Reeder

RSS is not dead, on the contrary. I read a lot via RSS feed and I have a problem with Feedly and Reeder. Maybe someone has a solution for me? Twitter Support

It was foreseeable that it would happen: is discontinuing its Twitter support at the end of April. is a great service that allows users to bring data from major…