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This is how I show related pages under every post on my site.

Kirby Podcaster transcripts

The Podcaster plugin now support transcript file uploads


This is how I realized the blogroll on my website

Kirby Pexels Field

The Pexels-Image-Field got an update for Kirby 4

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Kirby 4

Today is a day full of surprises. Not only has winter suddenly arrived, but also the big new update of Kirby.

Podcaster Plugin 3

Version 3 brings a major new release of the Podcaster plugin for Kirby. With numerous new features and optimizations. An overview.

This is how my website works

In this collection of posts I will show you how certain parts of my website work. This is an ongoing series.

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Kirby 3.6 is here

Today is the day: Kirby 3.6 has been released. What doesn’t seem to be a massive release in the first place, comes with some fundamental changes in the background.