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Podcaster, Komments, Tratschtante

Maybe you know one or another Kirby plugin of mine. The most used once are my comment and podcast plugin. I want to sum up what's going to happen with those plugins.

Maybe you know one or another Kirby plugin of mine. The most used once are my comment and podcast plugin. I want to sum up what's going to happen with those plugins.



GitHub release

Komments is my Kirby comments plugins and is in use here on my site. Most of the planned changes will affect this plugin.

The Komments plugin will lose some functionality. All the functions not directly linked to comments will be removed:

  • sending webmentions
  • sending updates as mastodon toot
  • ping archive.org

My original idea was to have a comment plugin "to rule them all" and I just added everything I wished and missed. The three functions above shouldn't be part of a comment plugin. That's why I'll remove them, but…

They won't vanish. I will move them into another plugin: Tratschtante. More about that below.

I will not only remove features but add some new ones. I am working on a panel field for some time now. The goal of that field is to make managing comments easier. I also planned:

  • Reply to comments within the Panel
  • Bulk delete spam comments
  • RSS/JSON Feed for new comments and pending comments
  • Registering social media handles to mark your own webmentions with the verified badge (the same komments written by logged in users are marked currently)

All features regarding the panel won't be launched before autumn. The release of Kirby 3.6 is planned for September. There will be some huge technical changes on how to create Panel plugins. The development of panel views and fields will be changed in a major way.

Those new planned panel features of the Komments plugin will then be written exclusive for Kirby 3.6. This way I hope to avoid writing code twice and to save some time.



GitHub release

There won't be that much changes for the Podcaster plugin. Most of the work will be focused on optimizing code and:

  • Showing available updates in the panel
  • Block editor fields for the podlove player and subscribe widget

I am planning to add some API endpoints in the future which will hopefully make the plugin more usefull in a Headless CMS scenario. Especially for tracking downloads etc.



GitHub release

This plugin is not as public as the rest. It currently doesn't do that much. It receives Webmentions from webmention.io, converts them and makes them available to other plugins via hook.

This way several other plugins can react to Webmentions. The Komments plugin works this way, also my rate page plugin.

The most visible change will be the name. I thought the name Tratschtante is a funny one, but it's not that PC. So there will be a new name.

Also all the feature removed from the Komments plugin will be added here. Sending Webmentions for example.

There will also the possibilty to change the way Webmentions are received. Via Webhook as it's done now, or via manual request. This could be done via cronjob. This way you can time those requests. Also sites with a lot of incomming Webmentions won't be bombarded with requests.

Also: Statistics! I love them! I am working on a monthly view showing Webmentions by Type, Target and Source. More details on that, when I made more progress.

For the far future receiving Webmentions withouth webmention.io is planned. And then blocklists for domains and stuff like that will follow. But that's still far away.

Something missing?

All my plugins are open source and can be seen on Github. And of course everybody is invited to contribute. In form of features, bug reports, bug fixes… Maybe there is even someone willing to work on one of the mentioned features. In that case please send me a message, as I already started working on some of them.

I have some other plugins in idle mode, for example "Rate Page". Those currenlty have low priority. I have to somehow manage my time.

Questions? Remarks? Feel free to write a comment or send my a message via Twitter, Github etc.

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