What is a changelog?

A changelog lists the changes of a product, for example an app. But a well maintained changelog tells you far more about the product, that just the last changes.

What is a CMS?

When you inform yourself about websites, you will stumble upon the term "content management system", or short: CMS. Today there is rarely a website which is not driven by such a system.

Install Kirby cms using git (video)

The installation of Kirby ist pretty easy. But if you want to install the content management system using git and keep it up to date, there are some things to pay attention to. In this video I'll show you how to do so.

The five most important WordPress plugins

When starting with a fresh WordPress installation, I begin with adding some basic plugins. I wouldn’t publish a site without those plugins.

Kirby: Information just for known users

For a recent project, I was testing around with the possibilities to read userdata from logged in Kirby users. While doing so, I had a nice idea.

Sublime Text Kirby2 Snippets

Some time ago, I worked on a website for which I use the Kirby CMS. While looking at the CheatSheet, I thought that it would be nice, to have a kirby-autocomplete for Sublime Text.

GitLab, Postgresql and problems on vservers

After working on a vserver, the little guy needed a reboot. And - who would have thought, after that reboot, GitLab didn’t start correct.

Kirby Podcast Plugin

I mentioned it one time or another, I am currently working on a little podcast show. For that, I wrote a plugin for my favorite CMS, Kirby.

Sublime Text for JavaScript developers

I’ve been searching for some time now, to find the best Sublime Text plugins which help me write JavaScript code. And it seems like I’ve found a good combination.