Kirby Podcast Plugin

I mentioned it one time or another, I am currently working on a little podcast show. For that, I wrote a plugin for my favorite CMS, Kirby.

Well, at first I decided to quickly set up a WordPress site and install a podcast plugin, to get the thing up and running fast.

But then I decided not to do so. The theme I bought wasn’t compatible with the podcast plugin and a lot of new security issues spoke against a quick and carefree WordPress Podcast setup.

So I switched to Kirby and started building a theme. I don’t want to do much work on the site at the current time. The most important thing is the podcast. And most of the people will subscribe to it using their favorite podcast client.

Anyway, something really important was missing. An appropriate RSS-feed containing all the necessary fields for iTunes and the other clients around. Using just a standard RSS-feed won’t work.

So I sat down and started writing a plugin. The plugin serves a RSS-feed, in the form I need it for iTunes. And it analyzes all MP3-files I uploaded to the post. So duration and size will be determined and transfered to iTunes.

I set up a page for the plugin and put the sources on GitHub. So, if you like to use Kirby as your CMS for your podcast, go ahead and grab the plugin.

Oh btw, I hope the new site of my podcast will be only soon. Although it will be german only, sorry.

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