The five most important WordPress plugins

When starting with a fresh WordPress installation, I begin with adding some basic plugins. I wouldn’t publish a site without those plugins.

I’ve been asked, what WordPress plugins I use by default. I am not using a lot of plugins, I am always trying to keep the list short to keep the site fast. But these plugins should be part of every WordPress installation, imho.

Antispam Bee

This hard working bee helps you getting rid of all those spam comments. It detects them automatically and marks them as spam. So your comment section will remain clean.

iThemes Security

Let’s be honest, WordPress sites are a famous target of hackers. Bots searching the web for WordPress driven sites and attack them automatically. If you don’t secure your installation, you will be a victim soon or later. iThemes Security comes with plenty of functions helping you to secure your site.


We all want to be found on Google and other search engines. WPSeo helps us being found. Nearly all SEO methods you can imagine will be available through WPSeo. (WPSeo costs € 19,99 at the time this post was published)

WP Backup

Bam! There goes your site. We’re not perfekt and a failure may happen faster than we might think. It takes even longer to restore an older stage of your site. Automated backups will help you if something went wrong.

TinyMCE Advanced

One more thing… I often have the problem that users are missing some functionality of the wp editor. This may even be a possibility to extend a table. This plugin helps you individualize and extend the WordPress editor for your needs.

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