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Website directories

A list of directories where you can find websites and submit your own.

Before Google became big, there were web directories. You could submit your own website there and assign it to a category. And then, with luck, you were found.

Modern search engines soon put an end to this by automatically indexing websites, and no one had to submit their website anywhere anymore. But these directories never completely disappeared.

Anyone with their own personal website can still submit to such directories and lists today and also discover other websites through them.

Here is a small list of lists - can't get much more meta than this!

Discover the IndieWeb, one blog post at a time.
A website to randomly explore the IndieWeb. Simply click a button and you will be redirected to a random post from a personal blog.

IndieBlog is not just a directory; it is strongly focused on discovering new posts, topics, and, of course, people you wouldn't come across otherwise.

If you have a blog, you can submit your own RSS feed and then be found in the long list of blogs. But what's even more exciting is subscribing to one of IndieBlog's RSS feeds. Depending on the feed, you can receive up to 25 random articles every day or every week. A great way to discover new things!
Personal sites are sick as hell, so this site was built so we can all discover each other's. This directory of links are by folks that want to share their site with the world., on the other hand, is more of a classic directory where you can submit your own sites. Each page is presented with a screenshot, and with a click, you get some details like tags presented. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to filter by these tags, so you have to browse a bit.

Dead Simple Sites — Minimal Website Inspiration
Dead Simple Sites curates the most minimal sites on the web.

Want something simpler? Dead Simple Sites collects websites that stand out for their minimalism. If you like such minimal sites, you can safely scroll through this directory. Unfortunately, this directory is also very minimal, so there are no filtering options or anything similar here either.

Now Now Now
sites with a /now page

Of course all the cool people have a /now page on their own website. A page that is generally accessible under this path and describes what you are currently doing, what you are working on, what hobbies you pursue, and so on. There are no limits to your creativity here. If you have such a page, you can list yourself on NowNowNow.

Since the Now page is very person-focused, each page in the directory is promoted with a profile picture. Again, there are no filtering options here; the site invites you to scroll through the list of all these wonderful people. Each person is also subtitled with their profession, so you still have some clues about who might interest you.

Now Now Now
sites with a /now page

/uses goes in a similar direction. Like /now, it's a special page where you write down the things you use in your daily life. Hardware, software, notebooks... You can submit your site if you have such a page published.

In addition to the name of the respective person, there is a short description, the language used, the architecture used, the social media handle, and a tag list. Here you can filter wildly, both by tags and by language.

About Ideas Now | Search 1000s of personal sites
Find people to collaborate with by searching through the /about, /ideas and /now pages of 1000s of personal sites

about ideas now is a directory of websites that have at least one of these special pages. We already know the Now page, many pages also have an /about page, and then there is also /ideas, which works like /now, only looking into the future.

Each page is displayed with a brief summary. You can filter by the three categories above, and you can also search through the summaries. Nicely made, the site invites you to browse.

Inspiration doesn't stop at the frontend. Kirbysites invites you to have a look at panel views of beautiful Kirby websites.

A directory of websites created with Kirby. Here, you can't really filter, so you just have to browse through them. The highlight is that you not only see a screenshot of the website but also how the admin panel looks in the background. Perhaps a little inspiration.


Obviously, there are still small and large directories. Admittedly, the ones here are all quite well established in their niche. However, there are certainly numerous other such directories that I don't know yet and that are missing here. But this list is a good starting point, I think.

Do you know more of such sites? Bring it on! Leave me a comment below, and I can add more sites to the list

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