Sublime Text for JavaScript developers

I’ve been searching for some time now, to find the best Sublime Text plugins which help me write JavaScript code. And it seems like I’ve found a good combination.

Sublime Text Kirby2 Snippets

Some time ago, I worked on a website for which I use the Kirby CMS. While looking at the CheatSheet, I thought that it would be nice, to have a kirby-autocomplete for Sublime Text.

8 WordPress sites have been tested

My top 10 Sublime Text 3 plugins

I don't know how I survived before knowing Sublime Text. For me, there is no better editor. It's slim, fast and incredibly adaptable. Not at least because of the thousands of packages available. These ones are my favorites

My Top 3 Sublime Text Themes

Sublime Text offers, beside numerous plugins, a lot of themes, to customize the editor as you wish. These are my top3 favorite themes for Sublime Text 3.

Code faster using Sublime Text and Gists

If you develop websites or software, you now that procedures and code fragments may be reused from time to time. As a developer you should always try to avoid those repetitions.