My Sublime Text MarkDown-Setup

I'm formatting my blogposts in markdown, For that, I set up my Sublime Text installation a bit.

As I wrote here (sorry, german only), my website runs on Kirby as CMS. And I am still satisfied with that solution.

Because Kirby is entirely based on MarkDown, I took a look at some applications, to write my MarkDown a bit more beautiful. But in the end I am using Sublime Text for that. The applications had great functions, like syncing around in the cloud and stuff like that. But weren't even able to open a regular file und I had to export my changes all the time. That was a bit annoying.


So now I am using Sublime Text again. I installed a little Plugin named MarkDown Editing and because I am a industrious guy and have nothing to do all the day, I wrote my own color-theme. I was inspired by some the apps colors and re-used them.
And that's it concerning Sublime Text.

To have the ability to see my changes without reloading my browser all the time, I bought a little app. Marked does that job for me. When I am saving my markdownfile, Marked shows me a preview. And I can hide all the YAML Front Matter stuff, Kirby needs. Which is pretty nice. To get a preview which looks nearly as my blog here, I set up my CSS as a theme.

Of course it would be much cooler, if all that magic would happen in my browser. So I get a preview in there, every time I save. Maybe I'll try to write a javascript for that, if I ever have the time.

If you would like to have a look at my sublime-color-theme, feel free to download it on GitHub

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