My top 10 Sublime Text 3 plugins

I don't know how I survived before knowing Sublime Text. For me, there is no better editor. It's slim, fast and incredibly adaptable. Not at least because of the thousands of packages available. These ones are my favorites

Sublime CodeIntel

The holy grail for Sublime Text. Autocomplete of functions, methods and variables spread over files. Direct jumps to definitions and function call tooltips. A sublime text project is required for that.

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Emmet was known as "zencoding" before. It allows you, to use abbreviations to create lightning fast HTML- or CSS-Code. A line like:

<a href="">\#myId</a>>ul.classname>li*4

will create the following HTML-Code:

<div id="myID“>
    <ul class="classname">

Read more about emmet


Whenever you define a color in your css-file, GutterColor will show this color right next to the linenumber. I am eagerly awaiting support for sass and less variables.

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I already wrote about my markdown-setup here. The Plugin offers some extended markdown-functions and a nice style.

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Because I like using scss/compass, I installed this Plugin to get the syntax-highlighting.

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I use Handlebars as a template-engine for a lot of my JavaScript-projects. To get propper highlighting I use this Plugin.

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I think I do not need to tell you a lot about this. This plugin offers a lot of snippets which will help you working with jQuery.

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To document my sourcecode, I use DocBlockr (yet). If you type in the shortcut for DocBlockr right before a function, it will create a dummy-documentation-comment and fill in variables needed by the function automaticly.

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There are always little code-snippets, which can be used in different projects. To store those, I use Gists on GitHub. Gists can be private or public available. This plugin helps you creating and receiving them. It also allows you to search through plubic gists.

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The theme of my choice is PreDown. You have to take a look at it, because it's hard to describe.

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All packages can be installed via Package Control. You can read here how to do so.

And you?

You also use sublime text and know some really good plugins? Post your list in the comments or send me a link to your blogpost. I will link them here.

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