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Kirby Komments-Installation via zip

I was about to get crazy because my Kirby Komment plugin wasn't working when installed via zip file. The solution? One line…

Kirby Komments Plugin

For some time now, you can leave comments on my site. After some development time I recently published my solution for that as a Kirby plugin.


This plugin extends your site with comments and webmentions

Kirby 3 Rate Page

Using this kirby plugin, your visitors can give single pages a thumb up or down.

Kirby 3 Podcaster

The Kirby Podcaster plugin enables you to integrate a Podcast into your Kirby website. With just a few clicks it's set up. Or you can migrate your existing Podcast by just…

Install Kirby cms using git (video)

The installation of Kirby ist pretty easy. But if you want to install the content management system using git and keep it up to date, there are some things to pay attention to. In…

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Kirby: Information just for known users

For a recent project, I was testing around with the possibilities to read userdata from logged in Kirby users. While doing so, I had a nice idea.

Bilingual Kirby

Maybe some of you have noticed, I am trying to write bilingual. So I wrote some helpers for that.