Kirby 3.6 is here

Today is the day: Kirby 3.6 has been released. What doesn’t seem to be a massive release in the first place, comes with some fundamental changes in the background.

Everything new in the panel

Especially the panel has been improved The development of a panel plugin, especially panel view has changed fundamentally. That was something keeping me busy the last weeks because I am maintaining four Kirby plugins using such a view.

One of those — Rate Page — unfortunately didn’t make it into the Kirby 3.6 world — yet. But I will try to adapt it as soon as possible.


My comment plugin „Komments“ already is compatible with K3.6, and I used the opportunity to rebuild the management of comments. The view hopefully looks a bit nicer and has better usability.

Until now, you only were able to look at a list of pending plugins but then had to jump to the pages to moderate them. Now you can do all this in a single view. Publish then, delete them or even verify users.

Visit the Komments page


My podcast plugin also needed some refinements. I did not change a lot here. I adjusted some stylings and API calls for the statistics.

Visit the Podcaster page

Tratschtante vs. IndieConnector

Tratschtante is my plugin for receiving webmentions. Tratschtante then propagates them through the Kirby system so other plugins or your website can use that data to do something with it (for example, show them as a comment).

I started rebuilding that plugin, even bevor the announcement of K3.6. Now there is a nice overview of received webmentions. In the future, the plugin will not only receive, but also send webmentions and do some other stuff the Komments plugin currently does but shouldn’t.

There is another important thing: Tratschtante itself will be discontinued. I decided to give a more neutral name (and one non-Germans can speak out). It’s now called IndieConnector. Both are compatible, so you can easily switch from Tratschtante to IndieConnector with just some minor changes in your config (or plugin).

Visit the IndieConnector Page

What you could do now

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