My Top 3 Sublime Text Themes

Sublime Text offers, beside numerous plugins, a lot of themes, to customize the editor as you wish. These are my top3 favorite themes for Sublime Text 3.

Making websites printable

In Germany there is that cheeky term „Internetausdrucker“ - internet printer - which is particularly addressed to politicians. But shouldn't we take care of those printing people?

Create a changelog automatically

If you provide source code, may it be as an application or as an open source tool, you might want to ship a changelog with it. Using git and gruntjs, makes it easy to create such a changelog fast and automatically.

Time tracking for Developers

If you are a developer, you should use some sort of time tracking, especially when you are a freelancer. Tracking your time can help you improve your workflow and calculate realistic proposals.

Individualize the Bash

If you work a lot in the BaSh, you will appreciate the ability to create own preferences and shortcuts. Those will make the terminal an even more powerful tool.

My top 10 Sublime Text 3 plugins

I don't know how I survived before knowing Sublime Text. For me, there is no better editor. It's slim, fast and incredibly adaptable. Not at least because of the thousands of packages available. These ones are my favorites

Automate your webhook-configuration

I thought about how to optimize my project-creation-progress and wrote a little script for that.

Bilingual Kirby

Maybe some of you have noticed, I am trying to write bilingual. So I wrote some helpers for that.