Thank god, it’s Monday!

Now you’re looking at me, like I’ve made you a weird offer, right? If you’re like many others, Monday is probably not your favorite day of the week. But this might change.

At least a little bit.
Let’s be honest, it’s all about starting your day the right way, isn’t it? So, let’s try to improve our start into the week. Introducing my new newsletter: "Monday".

Every Monday you’ll get a nice, friendly newsletter full of interesting, positive stuff about what we call the world wide web.

Read about what was and is going on. Get some interesting articles about web dev, web design and things around. And if I find something really interesting apart from that topics, that stuff may be included, too.

Along with the written word, you’ll even get a Monday morning soundtrack, which will grow from week to week and hopefully put a smile on your face.

So let your Monday morning start positive and subscribe to my newsletter. One mail a week, that’s it. No hidden fees, no spam, no surprising buy-this-mails. Just some nice, friendly content, making you start the new week in a good way.

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