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The WordPress version couldn't be determined.
Maybe your site is using a security plugin which hides the version. If you use such a plugin keep it activated and check your WordPress version directly within wp-admin.

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Pages hosted on won't be checked, does not deliver any information of the wordpress-version, sorry.

Type in the URL of your site and press Enter:

Current WordPress version: 5.6.2

That's a call to action!

Update your site as fast as possible. Using old versions of WordPress is a security risc. Create a backup of your database and files. Check if all plugins you use are compatible with the current WordPress version. Set your site to maintainance mode. Install the WordPress update. Disable maintainance mode.

Wonderfull, you don't have to do anything.

But keep in mind: you should also check your installed plugins. Old plugins are one of the highest riscs for your WordPress system.

How it works

Normally your WordPress site tells its version to every visitor. It's written down several times in the source code of your website. This version number can be read easily by any visitor (and this tool).