How personal may I be here?

What level of information about my personal life should a weblog like this one contain? Even if this website carries my name, it’s no personal site per definition.

Sure, one or another article might show some personal stuff, but at first, this is a business site. Clients should be able to know more about me, potential clients should be attracted.

So, is it appropriate to write about personal stuff?


I think so. Clients who want to work with me, want to know how I function. What kind of guy am I? Why am I doing this? Do I fit into the clients’ team?

So I’ll write some personal story now and then, to show my human side.


What really counts is expertise. The client isn’t interessted in my lunch or if I visited a concert last night. The client wants to know, if I am able to deliver what he is expecting.

So I’ll limit this blog to technical articles, which show my range of services and how I work.

The dose makes the poison

I think both views are comprehensible. And I fear, as so often, „the dose makes the poison“. So I’ll add a dash more „personal“ to this blog. You’ll notice this in the near future.

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What you could do now

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