Wordpress is one of the, if not the most used content-management-system of the world. I develop themes and maintain your wordpress-site for you.

Wordpress is set up fast and installing a theme isn't very complicated. So you can have your very own website online within minutes. But as fast as that your page can be attacked! Running a wordpress-site means more than just installing it once.


Give your site an individual look and let me create a custom theme for you. And in the end, you'll have a website that won't look like thousands of others using the same theme as you may do.


Just installing wordpress and leaving it alone may harm your site. Wordpress and its plugins have to be updated if you don't want to open your door for hackers. Don't rely on automated updates. You should leave the mainainance of your site to anybody and at least to a automatism!
A thoughtful starts before update the code. A backup of your data is needed as well as checking if your plugins are compatible with the new version.

Let me know, if I can help you with that!


I will supply online-workshops and tutorials in the near future. Currently I am working on that. You can subscribe to my newsletter and will be one the first to be informed when something happens here.