Frontend Development

Starting with a simple webpage, over to responsive webdesign to app-development. Modern frontend development covers all that. I am using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to realize your wishes.

Frontend development means a lot more than just converting photoshop designs to HTML and CSS. The work of a frontend developer starts before writing the first line of code.


Having the right concept for your site, tool or app will secure you from unpleasant surprises and help you stay up to date with future technology developments. That's more than important for everything on the so fast changing internet. New devicetypes bring new challenges, which may lead to a lot of unnecessary, time consuming refactorings if you are not prepared. Because of that, very development starts with a concept.

Responsive Design

Starting with a mobilephone, up to a 27" Display. A website should ideally be readable on every device. With repsonsive design, this is possible. The website adapts to the screensize and the user is served with the best view for his device, letting your content always look good.

Websites, tools, apps

Using HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript, it is possible today, to build nearly everthing from a simple webpage up to a complex app. I work with grunt as a basic and use - if needed - common libraries and frameworks. You can find more on that topic on my blog. Or just send me a message.

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