Just 5 min to start your Podcast

The Kirby Podcaster plugin enables you to integrate a Podcast into your Kirby website. With just a few clicks it's set up. Or you can migrate your existing Podcast by just entering your feed url!


Importing your existing Podcasts is really simple: Enter feed URL, select target page, lean back.

iTunes ready

Everything you need for iTunes, like seasons, episodes, chapters and a lot more.

ID3 support

Upload an audio file and all fields will be filled by using id3 meta data.


Downloads per month, charts, top 10. Every download is tracked, analyized and presented to you in the panel.


Panel blueprints

Extended RSS

Multiple Podcasts


HTML5 native player

Podlove player

Download tracking

Matomo tracking

PodTrac support

ID3 auto import

Monthly stats

OpenGraph snippet

Import Wizard

Open Source

Installation and configuration

Kirby Podcaster is installed pretty fast. The best way is to use composer. Or you just download the zip file. Unpack it, move it to your plugin directory, done. Beside some basic settings you can configure everything within the panel. Manage as many Podcasts as you like and configure each individually.

Install now

The Wizard

You already have a Podcast and want to migrate to Kirby? No problem! The Podcaster Wizard is here to help! Just create a wizard page in the panel, set your current feed url, select a target page and lean back. The Wizard reads your feed, creates all the pages for your episodes, fills in all fields, creates a new rss feed and even transfers your audio files!

Your player, your style

Using the Podlove player you have everything you need. Custom styling, configurable tabs and a lot more. The player remembers the latest playback position, enables the user to share episodes and even supports chapters. You're a fan of minimalism? Well then just use the default html5 player, it's just one click.

Everything in view

With the integrated statistics you always know your numbers. Downloads of episodes per month (in relation to the previous year), top 10 episodes, most downloaded episodes by month.
Not enough? With some clicks you can add Matomo tracking (formerly piwik), if you want. You can even chose what and how to track it.



Kirby Podcaster is Open Source and completely free. Just install and you're done.


You like this plugin? You can support its development by signing up on steady. Thanks! 😃

Start now!


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