Kirby 3 Podcaster

Rewrite of the Kirby Podcast Plugin for Kirby 3. A first beta will be available soon.

Current status:

  • ✅ new, slimmer ID3-Lib
  • ✅ ID3 parsing after upload (not as in Version 2 during first pageview of the episode/feed)
  • ✅ Panel blueprint section for episodes (so you can extend your article blueprint)
  • ✅ Panel blueprint for extended RSS feed (including all new iTunes specifications)
  • ✅ Completely rewritten RSS feed generator
  • ✅ Most settings now available per feed and in the panel not globally in your config.php
  • ✅ Run multiple podcasts with just one Kirby installation
  • ✅ Updated chapter syntax, now including image
  • ✅ Cover image per feed and episode
  • ✅ Author- and owner Settings per feed and episode
  • ✅ Upload as many mp3s as you want, select the one for your episode
  • ✅ Source selection, your feed can now be on another location than your episodes
  • ✅ Optimized iTunes Category Handling. Just select the categories from a dropdown. Categorylist updated via GitHub
  • Tracking of downloads using Matomo
  • Tracking of downloads using Kirby and the episoden markdown
  • Tracking of downloads using Kirby and MySQL
  • Snippet for a simple HTML5-Player
  • Snippet for the advanced Podlove Player
Editing episoden data in the panel
Editing the RSS feeds in the panel
Setting of the RSS feed
Dangerzone, special settings like blocking