Kirby Podcast Plugin

Kirby Podcast Plugin

Now you can use your favorite CMS for podcasting. This plugin for Kirby creates a RSS-podcast-feed, scans for MP3 files and their length and size.

Code on GitHub

State of the plugin

I am working on version 2, supporting Kirby CLI and adding a lot of improvements.


  • Creates an iTunes-ready RSS-feed
  • Scans for MP3 files
  • Checks files for length and size
  • All important iTunes fields included
  • Saves duration to metafile once determined

Planned features

  • Tracking of downloads/streams
  • Make the use of the getID3 library optional
  • Save MP3 information to file for better performance


Do you have any ideas or wishes for this plugin? Let me know, maybe we can implement them.

Kirby CMS?

Kirby is a great, file-based content management system, you should try it out right now! Get it here



  1. Go to the plugin-folder /site/plugins
  2. get the plugin using
    • Git: git submodule add podcast
    • Download: Download it from GitHub, unzip to plugin-folder, make sure to name the directory podcast
  3. In your content-directory create a new directory without a leading number (for example podcast) to make the feed available under that URL.
  4. Copy the to that directory and rename it to
  5. Copy the file podcastfeed.sample.template.php to your templates-directory in /site/templates and rename it to podcastfeed.php
  6. Edit the file to your needs


Enable GetID3 for duration detection

You can use the GetID3-lib to let the plugin determine the length of your audio files. By default this is deactivated, you can enable this feature by setting c::set('podcast.useID3', true); in your config.php.

Next you need to get the GetID3-Lib. Go into the pluginfolder in your terminal (sites/plugins/podcast/) and just type in: git submodule update --init. This will automaticly fetch the GetID3-Lib and you're ready to use it.

How to use it?

Setting up basic feed information

To set up the basic information for your feed, open the file you copied to a subdirectory in your content-directory.


field description
title The title of your podcast (not your episodes)
description A short description of the content of your podcast
link Just enter the content-folder of your feed. According to the sample above, this is 'podcast'. The Plugin will then create a valid feed-url out of this.
itunesAuthor The name of the podcaster
itunesEmail The (who might have guessed) e-mail-address of the podcaster
itunesImage A full URL to the iTunes-Cover-Art image
itunesSubtitle A short subtitle of your podcast
itunesKeywords A comma-separated list of keywords
itunesBlock Type in yes or no to block your podcast on iTunes
itunesExplicit Type in yes or no to mark your podcast as explicit (or not)
itunesCategories Enter a comma separated list of iTunes categories and subcategories. Subcategories have to be added after a / for example: Technology,Technology/Podcasting. You can find a list of all iTunes-Categories in iTunesCategories.json

Add new episodes

To add new episodes, you have to create a content-directory for all your episodes, for example /content/01-episodes/ Add your single episodes as you would do with normal pages.

Name your markdownfile or episode.txt. You can use the file in the plugin directory as a reference. You can now put your MP3 files in your episodes' folder, they will be automaticly detected and their information will be parsed.

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