About you and me

This is me

Hey, I am Maurice. I build websites as a job for about ten years. My first website went online in the late 90ies.

In all that years, I helped a lot of people getting their business online. For many of my customers this was a one time task. The site went online and then it's there and the customer wonders, why it doesn't bring any success.

Well, like in any business, your online business needs a well thought plan, too. A tangible goal. To reach this goal, you have to use the matching technology.

All that needs a certain amount of time. The software of your website has to be up-to-date to prevent hackers to take over your site. The web is changing so fast and you have to stay on top of that, to be able to hold up with your competitors.

I want to help you!

I want to share what I've learned in the last ten years running my business, several blogs, podcasts and by founding a start-up. You don't have to make the same mistakes I and so many others did.

As a developer, I learned how to use apps and tools to my advantage. I learned when it's time to automate.

And I always try to work as efficient as possible. Working hours are precious and I don't want to waste them. Do you? Because of that, I adapted practices from software development to my business and even none work life.

On this site, I write and talk about those techniques.


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Meine liebsten Podcasts

Im Podcatcher meines Vertrauens findet sich eine recht lange Liste von Podcasts, die ich abonniert habe. Viele davon höre ich gegelgentlich (wenn das Thema einer Folge mich interessiert), bei einigen will ich nur mal reinhören. Diese Podcasts hier, höre ich regelmäßig. Das heißt, fast jede Episode.

Ich würde jeden dieser Podcasts ohne zu überlegen weiterempfehlen. Besonders der BBC-Podcast "Seriously…" hat es mir angetan. Der Stil der Episoden unterscheidet sich stark vom jeweiligen Autor/Produzenten, inhaltlich sind aber alle Folgen toll. Meine Favoriten sind bisher "Little Shop of Colours" und "The Art of StarCraft", sie zeigen das Potential von Podcasts.

Ich podcaste übrigens auch selber.